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What do you need when picking up a vehicle?

When taking over a vehicle, you must have a valid ID card, valid driver's license and security deposit, credit card or cash. There should be enough funds on the credit card to be able to authorize the required amount of deposits. The deposit amount (authorization or cash) depends on the rental price, the rented type and the car category and the selected coverage packages.

A credit card may be charged for any additional charges that may occur during the lease term.

Terms of payment

For the lease collection process we accept cash, all credit and debit cards such as: Eurocard/MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Card, Diners

Authorization is possible only through a credit card

The user of the service must be the owner of the credit card.

Driving licence

Driving licences not printed in Latin (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.) should be accompanied by an international driving licence.

Duration of lease and grace period

Vehicles are rented on the basis of 24 hours, and 59 minutes of delay is allowed without charging. After 60 minutes of delay, the entire day of use is charged.

Changing the reservation

The reservation can be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours until the start of the lease without charge, if the party cancels the reservation within 48 hours prior to the start of the lease, it bears the risk of paying half of the rent.

The reservation can be changed or cancelled by e-mail to the

Vehicle not picked up

In case the user did not take over the vehicle, he did not take over at the agreed time and did not inform Autorent a car in due time, additional charges are possible.

General Coverage Conditions

When downloading a vehicle, it is possible to choose a type of insurance or other accessory.

Insurance types

START  (CDW / TP) = insurance with reduced/limited user liability (liability is based on vehicle type) in case of vehicle damage (CDW) or in case of vehicle theft (TP).

BASIC = START + purchase of part of franchise/participation in damage caused by vehicle body (height of franchise depends on vehicle class)

PREMIUM = BASIC + SCDW (franchise purchase/liability purchase for damage caused by vehicle body), WUG (franchise purchase for damage caused by chassis, glass and vehicle wheels)


The user is responsible for the following amounts:

HRK 10,000.00 (City car) / per damage event

HRK 15.000,00 (estate, hatchback, sedan, minivan, SUV) / per damage event

HRK 25,000.00 (van) / per damage event

HRK 25,000.00 (luxury) / per damage event


The user is responsible for the following amounts:

HRK 5,000.00 (City car)

HRK 7,500,00 (estate, hatchback, sedan, minivan, SUV)

HRK 12,500,00 (van)

HRK 12,500,00 (luxury)

Risk and customer liability can be reduced by accepting appropriate additions as follows:


The user is responsible for the following amounts:

HRK 1,500,00 (City car) / per damage

HRK 2,000.00 (estate, hatchback, sedan, minivan, SUV) / per damage event

HRK 5,000.00 (van) / per damage event

HRK 5.000 (luxury) / per adverse event

SCDW (Super collision damage waiver)

is the cover for the entire redemption of liability for damage to car body damage. WUG (Wheels, landing gear and glass protection) is the entire cover for the purchase of liability for damage caused by damage to the undercarriage, glasses and wheeled vehicles.

WUG (Wheels, undercariage and glass protection)

is the entire cover for the purchase of liability for damage caused by damage to the undercarriage, glasses and wheeled vehicles.


Cross border - the user pays the fee for crossing the border, and it is obligatory to specify the border crossing plan when booking or taking over the vehicle.

In case the beneficiary fails to pay additional compensation and leave the Republic of Croatia without notifying rent a car and the vehicle is damaged outside the borders of the Republic of Croatia, any additional cover selected by the beneficiary will not be valid and may be charged for the total amount of damage incurred on the vehicle

Border crossing HRK 50.00 per day is charged, maximum collection HRK 1,000.00

Additional driver - an additional person authorised to drive a car shall be charged HRK 50,00 per day, a maximum fee of HRK 600,00

Child seat - children's seat is a legal obligation up to 12 years of child's life or 135 cm of child's height.

The user can rent a children's seat of various sizes and it is necessary to choose the one most suitable for the child's age:

Children's seat (0-18 kg) in the amount of HRK 76.00/day (HRK 760.00 max per rent)

Children's seat (15-36 kg) in the amount of HRK 76.00/day (HRK 760.00 max per rent)

In the event of a traffic accident, theft, malfunctioning of the vehicle or other user is obligatory:

  1. keep the vehicle up to its takeover by the Lessor;
  2. record names and addresses of participants and witnesses;
  3. call the police and ensure their record, except in case of malfunctioning;
  4. without delay, make an event statement at the nearest office of the Lessor.
  5. If the user does not provide a police record, the acceptance of TP / CDW, CDW + or SCDW does not diminish the liability of the user for damage as it has failed to comply with the above procedures.

Costs not covered by rent a car Zagreb nor covered by additional cover

Losing or stealing luggage and / or personal belongings in the vehicle.

Financial punishments for traffic offenses, improper stop and parking, as well as the costs of parking tickets.

  1. Costs incurred due to incorrect fuel.
  2. Costs for lost, stolen or damaged vehicle keys.
  3. Costs for lost, stolen or damaged vehicle documents
  4. Damage costs incurred due to negligence - empty battery.
  5. Costs of damage to the interior of the vehicle.
  6. Cost of equipment loss (spare wheel, tire repair kit and associated tool, luggage rack / luggage compartment) and vehicle documentation and user instructions).
  7. Damage costs on additional equipment.
  8. Costs incurred due to vehicle misuse.
  9. Costs incurred due to failure to observe the conditions for maintenance of the vehicles listed in the attached service booklet.
  10. Costs of damage to the vehicle caused by alcohol or opiate.
  11. Costs of pulling out vehicles from inaccessible areas (eg pulling out vehicles from the mud in case of unused first-class traffic).
  12. Costs incurred by driving on unpaved roads.
  13. Costs incurred when driving races or using the vehicle in sports events.
  14. Costs incurred due to overloading people or cargo.
  15. Costs for damage caused by a person who is not listed as a principal or an extra driver in the lease agreement.
  16. Costs incurred in cases where a driver or an additional driver listed in a lease agreement does not have a valid driver's license or has a driving license for a motor vehicle.
  17. Other: Damage to the wipers and door locks on the vehicle. Theft or loss of external parts of the vehicle without providing a police record. Costs of damage caused by using the roof rails or luggage on the rails. Damage caused by loading or unloading of cargo or luggage and by placing cargo or luggage on the roof, engine cover or the like. Costs caused by ignoring audible and visual vehicle notifications.

Pick up and drop off at preferred location

During office hours

Delivery of vehicles within 10 km of the central office is charged 130.00 HRK and is done at the time of reservation

Pick up and drop off at preferred location outside office hours

For reservations outside office hours an additional fee of HRK 180.00 is charged.

The user is responsible for paying all traffic and parking penalties incurred during the lease.

Lost keys

In case of loss of key, a minimum fee of HRK 1,800,00 shall be charged

Loss of documents or registration plates

In case of loss of vehicle documents, a fee of 1500,00 HRK will be charged.

The user is required to report a loss to the police and submit a police record of the loss of the official document.

Cleanliness of vehicles

In case the vehicle requests special cleaning procedures (e.g. removal of smell, animal hair, spillage of liquids) upon return from the lease, a minimum fee of HRK 500,00 will be charged for cars or HRK 1,000.00 for vans.

Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed

In case of smoking in a vehicle, a fee of HRK 1500,00 will be charged

All prices include VAT.

The above prices do not apply to customers with special contracts and corporate clients.

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